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Year 4 colour poetry. Well done to these two fantastic writers! pic.twitter.com/1C8NRCxXJr

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Happy Easter! We hope you enjoy your Easter egg treat from all of us at Magna Carta! Stay safe, have fun and see you soon! pic.twitter.com/CsP9pfhe2j

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Years 2, 3 and 4 enthralled us with a fabulous retelling of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. There was singing, rapping, dancing, story telling and more! We are very proud of them all. pic.twitter.com/aAcDREPSu8

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Willow have been writing and publishing their fantastically creative ideas! Look at me! Watch me play! Look at me! Watch me put on my make up! pic.twitter.com/kHMTdW1D6u

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🐀 Years 2,3 and 4 performed their version of The Pied Piper.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parents and carers attended and witnessed the enthusiastic performance.🧑‍🏫 A big thank you to all staff involved in this production whose guidance behind the scenes helped to make this play happen. pic.twitter.com/4LEYpE0ag1

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Year 6 are visiting Mountfitchet Castle today! We have already had many adventures and have learnt so much. pic.twitter.com/ddVvbGEgHk

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Year 5 exploring the IWM Duxford. What a fantastic learning experience. Favourite plane of the Day? The Concorde! pic.twitter.com/nWvwog6sKG

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Year 5 visited Duxford Imperial War Museum today. pic.twitter.com/v6B8sAj5GN

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We celebrated World Maths Day on Friday 22nd March. Here is Alex with his geometric shape design. Pupils solved tricky problems, created geometric shape art, played whole school Bingo and solved statistics challenges as a class. A busy day indeed! pic.twitter.com/KKmrreTuwD

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Pupils have been enjoying the milder weather at play and lunch times. Groups of pupils have chosen to build beautiful and creative Bug Hotels in the gardens. The hotels have attracted all sorts of insects from ladybirds to spiders to earthworms. pic.twitter.com/WqLceq1Sqa

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Audrey took great care when completing an observational drawing today. Willow have been learning all about spring flowers and have completed sketching, planting and knowledge-based activities around this topic. pic.twitter.com/9h7rXfYJxe

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These Year 5 writers have excelled in writing a letter in the role of an evacuee as part of their History topic this term. The girls put so much thought and care into their writing, it made us feel as if the letters were really from that time period. Well done! pic.twitter.com/PgoNW8W9mg

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Beech Class trip to Colchester Castle. pic.twitter.com/xENE7sLfjv

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Team work challenges, chariot racing in the Roman Forum, learning all about the Celts and Romans in Britain. We had a great day out at Colchester Castle. pic.twitter.com/5LsgKlxA0c

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Beech Class visit to Colchester Castle. The class built replica Round Houses and Roman Villas. What do you think? pic.twitter.com/jvJB8BNrga

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Mila shared a fantastic book all about being kind and filling up your own bucket by filing up and building up others. She also made a paper plate bag with positive affirmations for school community members. How thoughtful! We shared the story with the whole school in assembly. pic.twitter.com/PUMxfao79H

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Neat, clear and well thought through writing today from Zach in Aspen. He focused on using the word "and". Well done! pic.twitter.com/4fGPZz3OCh

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Year 6 textiles lesson in Design and Technology today. These pupils have designed and created a waistcoat fit for a king or queen. Handstitched and one of a kind! Anybody keen for a fashion show? pic.twitter.com/8VEx30QFkT

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KS2 Cross Country Finals at Carver Barracks. Massive well done to Cameron P in Year 4 who took the gold medal! Well done to all pupils who gave their best efforts and enjoyed the event. ! pic.twitter.com/xeLeWqQkfJ


On we’re celebrating Jen Pearce 🙌 Headteacher at Magna Carta Primary Academy 💙#IWD2024 pic.twitter.com/cW3kN6PK5B

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Home School Agreement

A home-school agreement is a statement explaining the school’s responsibilities towards its pupils, the responsibility of each pupil’s parents and what the school expects of its pupils.  


We ask that parents, pupils and the headteacher sign the agreement before a child is admitted to Magna Carta.


In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the Home School Agreement has been adapted. Any temporary adaptations are shown in bold italics.   






School community  

I will be respectful of the school community and take pride in the school. I will uphold the values of the school at all times.  

I will support the community, attend all Learning Review meetings and support the school’s performances and events. I will contribute my own time to helping the school community.  

We will provide a high quality education, with great teaching and wonderful learning experiences.  

A safe school environment  

I will look after the environment and not drop litter or damage property. I will not bring to school anything that might do harm or damage to others. 

I will make sure my child never goes to school with anything that could harm others. 

I will not bring my child to school if they have symptoms of Covid-19. I will ensure that if anyone in my household has symptoms of Covid-19, I will arrange for them to be tested and I will inform the school of the results.

We will build a safe and secure school community, based on kindness and generosity where bullying of any kind is not tolerated.  


I will be true to my word. If I say I will do something, I will stick to it. I will always try to do the right thing, regardless of what my friends say.  

I will help my child do the right thing and achieve the goals he/she wants.  

We will support you in being true to your word and help you do the right thing.  


I will look out for other people and always help them, whatever their age. I will respect my teachers, parents, peers and community.  

I will make sure my child gives as well as takes, and looks out for other children throughout the school.  

We will treat you with respect at all times, be clear in our expectations and consistent in applying them.  


I will always be polite, punctual, prepared and presentable; arrive on time every day, look smart and wear my uniform correctly with pride.  

I will make sure my child arrives at school on time every day with the correct uniform and the right equipment and is not taken out of school except in an emergency. 

 I will ensure my child has a water bottle in school. 

We will mark your work quickly and give you feedback that helps you make progress. We will act professionally at all times in dealing with you and your family.  


I will always work as hard as I possibly can, even when things are tough. I will remain positive.

I will speak to my teacher if I am finding it tough. 

I will inform the school of anything that is getting in the way of my child’s learning or succeeding.  

We will always support you through difficult times, by working with you and your family to overcome problems.  


I will try to read without being asked, write fluently and speak confidently.  

I will encourage my child to read every day and take time to have proper discussions to improve his/her speaking skills.  

The school will provide skilled teaching to ensure your child enjoys reading, speaks fluently and speaks confidently.  Teachers can be affected by Covid-19 like everyone else. There may be times when classes cannot go ahead due to a lack of teachers. 


I will develop my imagination to come up with new ideas.  

I will allow my child to attend off-site visits, try new experiences and follow their passion.  

We will provide a rich, relevant and exciting curriculum with excellent teaching to enable your child to achieve. 

Home learning  

I will complete home learning tasks with enthusiasm. I will ask my teachers and family for support when I need it.  

I will give my child the opportunity, time and place to complete home learning tasks on time. 

I will check Messages and the Class Story on Class Dojo regularly. 

We will provide your child with well-prepared home learning opportunities. These are mainly via Class Dojo. 

School Rules  

I will follow the 3 School Rules: be safe, be kind, and work hard.   

I will read the weekly newsletter and ensure I am aware of school communication. 

We will teach and mould the School Rules and give you opportunities to apply them.  

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