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⏰ There's still time to apply for a place for your child to join our school this September.🚀 Our pupils learn through rich and varied experiences.🗺️ Close to M11 J8, Stansted Airport and Bishop's Stortford.☎️ Contact us now https://t.co/YDEibrrqia pic.twitter.com/5kFKTI5Zz5

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📢 We're Hiring! (Stansted) have a vacancy for an Office Assistant📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our websitehttps://t.co/aZ9qtLnAmp

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📢 We're Hiring! (Stansted) have a vacancy for a Catering Assistant📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our websitehttps://t.co/33PXjNz5VO


👑 HAPPY & GLORIOUS!🇬🇧 The Great British weather couldn't dampen spirits as our primary schools held celebration events to mark The Coronation of King Charles III pic.twitter.com/G8pf893cDz


🐰 Did you spot the BMAT Bunny out and about delivering eggs to our schools?☀️ We hope you're all enjoying the break.🐥 Thank you to and Comfort Aquatics for your contributions to our egg run. pic.twitter.com/YxrQl54bDB


📢 We're Hiring! have a vacancy for a SEMH Co-Educator📝 For a job description and application details, please visit our websitehttps://t.co/g6daJTFI9V

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Happy Easter! Stay safe and have a lovely holiday! pic.twitter.com/C9jIy3NU0z

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Poetry, art and creativity! pic.twitter.com/rcyVeIcgjp

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Last week of term fun! pic.twitter.com/6wBtzKDAFt

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Star writers from year 1. pic.twitter.com/DL5hluXf10

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So much Lego, so little time! Young Master builders at work bringing a smile to everyone’s faces. pic.twitter.com/zPbYHERsKl

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What fun! pic.twitter.com/UOTovqVMu7

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Awesome designs and Lego themed lunch too! pic.twitter.com/1uG6xPdpcz

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We are creative! Blown away by the Lego designs today. #rednoseday pic.twitter.com/R9IrAmykpD

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Building challenges accepted! pic.twitter.com/ws6HACTLYz

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Designs to build the change we need to see in the world. pic.twitter.com/UfNHo6JSlr

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Red Nose Day Lego fun!#LEGO pic.twitter.com/Usba778GLC

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It’s nearly time! Comic Relief Red Nose Day challenge 2023! What will you design? Bring your designs into school on the 17th or bring in a photograph. pic.twitter.com/YaN6MFRPEe

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Lots of budding actors in this year group along with confident Spanish skills. Even Fred had a role :) Bien hecho! pic.twitter.com/OmxLXcPio8

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Year 6 have been learning about Miguel de Cervantes seminal literary work, Don Quixote de La Mancha. They worked in groups to perform a 5 minute adaptation of the story in Spanish! pic.twitter.com/3cHSmolpLm

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Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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Our Approach to the Curriculum

The table below demonstrates our approach to the curriculum. We always start with the grammar (or knowledge). We then give plenty of opportunities for pupils to practise using their knowledge; this is the dialectic. Finally, once pupils are secure in their knowledge, we ask them to communicate it in different ways; this is the rhetoric. This is the Trivium approach to curriculum.


(the knowledge- learn facts and skills)


(questioning, thinking, practising, arguing, exploring)


(communicating the knowledge- expressing and articulating)




  • Retention
  • Recall
  • Repetition
  • Low stakes testing
  • Build cultural capital
  • Debate
  • Question
  • Challenge
  • First hand experience
  • Experiment
  • Enquiry
  • Problem solving
  • Critical evaluation
  • Structured speech
  • Perform
  • Make things
  • Showcase products of learning
  • Contribute to discourse about shared valued




  • Multiple choice
  • ‘Show me’ on mini whiteboards
  • Tests of memory and recall


  • Pair/Share
  • Deeper questioning
  • Complex dialogue between teachers and pupils
  • Peer dialogue and assessment
  • Essays
  • Performances
  • Mastery teaching


As an academy, we have to make difficult choices about what to include in our curriculum and what to leave out. The English and Mathematics curricula follow the National Curriculum models. There is a rationale for teaching each unit of work in the wider curriculum. Furthermore, it should be clear how each unit of work promotes, achieves or contributes to the following:

How does this unit of work promote the following?

Curriculum Drivers: How does this unit of work support a broad and balanced curriculum?

How does this unit of work contribute to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils?

Fundamental British Values

Knowledge of the World

Spiritual development

Teaching the Prevent strategy

Enterprise and Aspiration

Moral development

Teaching pupils how to stay safe

Investigation and Enquiry

Social development

Promoting healthy living

Local, National and Global

Cultural development

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